I can’t thank Michelle enough

michelle testimonial breaking through barriersI have been familiar with Michelle and this work for many years and was originally sceptical about the benefit of EDI, feeling as though I knew a lot of the tools but wasn’t great at knuckling down and applying them to my own behaviours.

In the week running up to EDI I was at my very worse, just the thought of it set off a spectacular display of triggers.

I started the two days with a lot of scepticism as well as being fully ‘armoured’ up in my layer of self protection. Michelle was incredible at identifying behaviours and deep rooted strategies that were so entrenched I couldn’t see them previously. There were lots of light bulb moments.

Michelle creates such a caring, safe environment that you never really feel vulnerable even as layers and layers are taken off. It is amazing the progress you can make in two days with the always professional, fantastically intuitive guidance of Michelle. She has this ability to get right to root cause of issues and present it is such an accessible way, adjusting techniques as she goes to shape your EDI experience specifically to you.

I can’t thank Michelle enough for the place she got me to by the end of day two, where a breakthrough shifted my understanding of everything that had happened up until that day.

The two weeks following EDI is as important as the two days themselves. The support and guidance Michelle provides is so crucial to really start becoming the person you want to be. It is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort but when you see how much Michelle is cheering you on and 100% fighting in your corner it is hugely motivating to keep on going even on those wobbly days.

Sally K, Surrey

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