I can’t imagine life pre Emotional Detox Intensive

live lifeEmotional Detox Intensive program is unlike any course i have ever been on………its a training course and emotional detox for your life!

I consider myself to be an open minded person but when my husband asked me to try it my initial thought was ……. ‘Me? I don’t need coaching!’  Now I can’t imagine life pre Emotional Detox Intensive.

I thought I was a pretty emotionally intelligent person, but this work has helped me to become emotionally literate and to be confident in who I really am and what I can achieve in life, and I’m not talking great big huge goals, I’m talking about how find true happiness in your soul, sounds deep I know!

It is not always easy to really look at yourself, but with the kindness and strength of Michelle and Chris, they bring you to a place you never wanted to go, but boy will you be glad you did.

It is like getting a life manual on how to manage your own life, you learn how to break destructive patterns and gain strategies with how to cope with all parts of your life. I can think of SO many reason to do this, and I can’t think of one not to.

Brid Gallagher, North London

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