Everything in my life has shifted

sean testimmonial michelle zelliWhen I read Michelle’s testimonials, before my Emotional Detox Intensive, I did not expect to fully understand the gratitude and praise expressed…I do now!

Emotional Detox Intensive has shifted everything in my life in an upward direction. I had thought, having been through a couple of years of therapy and having stuck at self-help stuff, I had pretty much worked out how to function and come close to the limits of how I could be as a person. I was not happy but I couldn’t see much else I could do to fix how I was. It was to some extent out of desperation that I turned to Michelle – unable to do any more on my own, and having exhausted my resources.

I entered the course with few expectations, trying to dampen any hesitation or doubts. I decided I would enter into it fully, otherwise – what was the point?

I’m not sure I yet realise how much it has changed my future life. Completely new ways of functioning – new tools, new ways of thinking, new modes of being – have opened up to me. I can now see what has held me back, all these years; behaviours, thought-patterns, and traits that I hadn’t even noticed before are now revealing themselves, and their origins, and working at changing them has made my life exciting again. I’m seeing everything differently.

Chris and Michelle are both amazing individuals. They have helped me see myself, my past, and my future more clearly. I don’t see the Emotional Detox Intensive as a way of fixing people – I now see that I was not ‘broken’ before, and it has and will require significant, subsequent work, on my part, to consolidate the progress. For me, it was a way of realising what I already knew, a way of bringing myself back, of realising that I am not broken, and of healing the pain of my past. It is not a quick-fix – but is transformative.

So, the gratitude and praise expressed in these other testimonials, which I previously couldn’t fully appreciate – I’m expressing that here. I wish you all the best, and that you, like me, come to understand how amazing the Emotional Detox Intensive can be.

Sean S, London

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