Everything in my life feels possible

bridget huntSix years ago on a chilly winters evening I was leaving work and off for a drink with my dear friend Ollie when we bumped into one of his friends.

“Bridget, this is Michelle Zelli. Life coach and life and soul of every party”. He said.

I had heard of Michelle. Like many credible coaches, her reputation preceded her and I was genuinely excited to meet this powerhouse of a coach.

After we exchanged chatter and walked off Ollie stopped in his tracks and turned to me.

“I really want you to have a session with Michelle, she has quite literally changed my life.”

These were big words from someone who I usually only had humorous banter with. My ears pricked up and he continued.

“I just know you will love her. In the session you may not. She pushes buttons. Afterwards you will wonder how you ever managed to step through life without her.”


Now I was interested.

At the time I was doing ok. Seeing clients for nutrition, running my ice cream business (yes that IS confusing) and in a comfortable relationship. I wasn’t sure how Michelle was going to help me but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Her diary was packed and I waited a month for an appointment.

On the day I skipped to Richmond Green and into her tranquil coaching space. Jo Malone candle burning (I was sold already), beautiful opulent furnishings, warm and cosy.

We sat down and Michelle simply said:

“Now I would like you to tell me all about you”.

I can’t remember much about the detail of the next 90 minutes….

I laughed

I cried

I felt uncomfortable

I felt excited


My big ego had strolled into that session feeling like nothing was wrong, my life was ‘fine’ and I didn’t need fixing.

Michelle never tried to fix me. What she did, so beautifully, was to get to the bottom of what I really wanted out of life.

From the moment I stepped into that room I felt safe. Safe to really explore what Bridget wanted. Safe in the knowledge that I could tell this person anything and it would stay with her forever.

Trust between a coach and client is so important. Laser beam intuition is too and Michelle has that in spades.

You see you simply cannot fool Michelle. I have tried on many occasions.

In one session with her we were discussing my finances. I thought I had quite convincingly explained that I was quite happy with my financial status quo – I didn’t want for much and was happy with a comfy little four figure sum in my bank account.

“Really?” said Michelle gently. “That is not what I am feeling from you right now, I believe you have convinced yourself very nicely but actually you DO want more.”


I didn’t realise my value at all. Growing up, I was taught to be very careful with money out of fear of never having enough. I had presented such a good case to my brain that I didn’t need money at all.

This is where Michelle is in a league of her own. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are at covering up what you REALLY want in life. It gets dug out…..albeit with a diamond encrusted shovel and a cashmere handle.

In the last 6 years I have been to sit in ‘the chair’ many times. Each visit brings something new and I have yet to have a session that didn’t result in change for the better.

My little black book is full of gems like Michelle but she is still the page I turn to the most. When I am presented with a client that needs deeper help than my expertise allows – I open my book and recommend her.

Book in with her if you really want to shift old patterns, if you have limiting beliefs about what you can get out of life. It won’t be all cuddles and ‘there-theres’…. it will shake you up and excite you. You will leave feeling that ANYTHING is possible.

Thank you Oliver Dudley for the introduction, YOU learnt that anything is possible and thanks to you everything in my life feels possible right now.

Bridget Hunt, Richmond

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