EDI benefits every aspect of my life

michelle zelli testimonial lorenzoYou can’t even imagine how many things you’re going to find out about yourself during EDI.

Before seeing Michelle, I was looking for a change, for an opportunity to be a game changer in my life but during the EDI I realized how troubles coming from my past were keeping me stuck and I learned how to deal with all this stuff.

The EDI forces you to go through everything that makes you the person you have become, it’s a huge roller-coaster that pushes you on the limit, and that will open some doors you thought were shut. It’s an intense experience, and thanks to Michelle’s and CJ’s help, challenging yourself will be powerful and exciting along the process.

The last few months have been the most intense in my life: I can clearly see the benefit of EDI in every aspect of my life.

EDI is as tough as it is satisfying, and it’s totally worth it!”

Lorenzo, Italy

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