An amazing inner journey

self-love“Michelle I am numb; I don’t feel anything. Not good…nor bad. I used to have enthusiasm…” was one of my opening sentences when I met Michelle. Well, it is fair to say that the Emotional Detox Intensive process has partly re-opened my emotional-tap.

In a gentle, warm and loving way, Michelle and Chris will guide you through an amazing inner journey, which will reshape your soul and your outer life. I have started to get in touch with my grief, and I have begun to express anger in a moderate and healthy way, instead of repressing it. I am still in the middle of the process and I trust my tap will fully open.

But I can already see three blatant benefits:

(1) My sense of self-love, self-care and self-worth have meaningfully increased.

(2) I seem to behave with more moderation and boundaries and I don’t feel guilty to express and achieve my needs; I feel more still, and more together.

(3) My enthusiasm for life has risen in line with the ability to get again in touch with my emotions.

Emotional Detox Intensive shook me off my lethargy – trust the process and it will take you wherever you need to. What an amazing journey. Thanks Michelle and Chris, be blessed.

Alberto, West London

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