A spring cleaning of the soul

see-clearly-nowMy sister described the Emotional Detox Intensive process to me “like somebody fixing your broken glasses so that you can see clearly”.

After her Emotional Detox Intensive she seemed to be calmer, more together and focused on what she wanted and how to get it!!

All of her new found awareness made me feel a little unsettled and so I decided to see for myself what the fuss was all about. And so I began my journey with Michelle.

I was nervous of course but Michele and Chris are so warm, funny and non judgemental that it feels like meeting old friends. It’s an intense weekend full of highs and lows. It felt like I had to tumble all my emotions and deepest feeling out in a safe place and Michelle and Chris made sense of them and put them pack in an orderly fashion, so I now can recognise emotions, what triggers them for me and how to deal with them.

It is like a spring cleaning of the soul if you like 🙂 It is the greatest gift you can give yourself and I’m so blessed and thankful that our paths have crossed.

S.B., North London

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