100% worth it!

joanna testimonial for michelle zelliI first visited Michelle when I was in a dark place.

I had started to lose a sense of hope and connection to the present.

Having endured a few traumatic events in my life the most recent ones had been the final blow that had knocked me to the core.

After one session Michelle advised the EDI. I had to think about it. Can this woman (lovely as she is) help me undo all of this pain, maybe I belong in this state of emptiness what’s the use ? Can I face it ? Is it worth it? Am I worth it? These were all at the forefront of my mind.

Having tried various therapies and alternatives to western psychology I had given up a bit. However, I had nothing to lose as I was already lost so I saved for the EDI and took the plunge.

In the week before I was very emotional and tearful, I took this as a good sign that already a shift may have happened in setting the intention to make a difference to my life. Michelle reassured me along the way.

The actual EDI is so hard to put into words but I will try…. Michelle and CJ gently take you on a journey that reveals the wounds you have picked up along life’s way.

I felt exposed at points fearful to let go of my old negative beliefs about myself and about the how’s and why’s of the environment I have grown up in and the relationships I have had with friends, family and colleagues. I desperately did not want to let go of some of these beliefs that no longer served me but with gentle probing, and some tough love at points, I was able to release them.

When you truly let go it’s such a relief, the tension is eased and you realise how much of a burden trying to keep together this false sense of self is and how much it’s holding you back in relationships, career …everything.

The realisations that come out of EDI are both life changing and nurturing. I developed more self love and definitely have an understanding of it, I feel more compassion for other people.

Being joined on this journey with two other people some mirroring my own struggles I was able to connect and feel where that person is blocked, hey I am too! It peels back the layers gently even more.

It doesn’t end there either. The two week check in is invaluable, I learnt so much putting the tools into practice and bringing awareness to my everyday life and relationships. Michelle is with you every step of the way, kicking you up the ass when required or giving you kind encouragement.

The fact is sometimes tough love is the only love that makes you take a look at yourself. I maybe needed this more than others! :-). I even missed the check ins at the end of the 14 days!

Life after EDI is a constant check in process with myself, it’s tough, it’s a commitment after all it’s changing a life time of habits and knee jerk reactions, but it’s completely possible and I know the future is bright and I didn’t feel that before meeting Michelle, so it’s 100% worth it.

I would recommend the process to anyone perhaps everyone! If you feel lost, emotionally blocked like me, this is for you.

This is getting very long, but I have to reiterate how both CJ and Michelle look after you through every step of the process, they are truly awesome in directing you to where you need to be, looking after you and just knowing what to do and when. It’s so important when going through something like this to feel in safe hands which you definitely are. It’s the best double act ever 🙂

P.s since doing EDI I have come up against a number of career and personal challenges and have navigated around them in ways I could not have done before without feeling a lot of fear and like I had no choice. I realise I do have a choice how to respond not react. As a result I feel lighter and more capable and ready for a further step up in my career, excited rather than fearful.

For anyone thinking about not doing EDI for whatever reason I would say, don’t be the one to stand in the way of your own happiness there are plenty of other people and obstacles that try to do that!

Just go for it, there are no regrets just growth and happiness.

Joanna, West London

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