Soaring with eagles

Jean-Pierre de Villiers

Managing Director & Founder of Reshape Personal Training.

Since completing my NLP certification course with Michelle Zelli I can honestly say that my whole life changed afterwards.

I started to use the techniques and tools with my clients, and more importantly, in my own life which has resulted in the most significant change.

I ran old patterns for a long time which didn’t serve me and within literally two days of finishing the course I was able to set new patterns and behaviours that made such a massive difference to my life. I’ve always been very hard working and ambitious and I’ve built a successful business over the years. I’ve always felt that even though my life is great and I feel like I’m already flying, there is something that is holding me back from soaring with eagles. I was right, it was my thoughts, and I honestly believe that I now have the tools and what it take to take my business and life to the next level.

Thank you Michelle, you are a true expert in your field.”

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