Rocked my world

Sophie Lefevre

Director, Central London

Michelle’s NLP Diploma training is not going to be a relaxing time, sitting and taking notes like the usual training session….. it’s a journey.

Before the training I was:-
– Single and unable to sustain a relationship
– Unemployed and unclear about what I wanted
– Bitter about family issues/people I have lost
– Burying childhood trauma which I thought was all but forgotten

By the end of the first training day I clearly understood what was wrong. Identifying the behaviours, feelings and attitudes which restricted my progress, happiness and achievements. Michelle navigated my journey to the root of my issues and gave me the tools to transform my patterns, to recognise how simple it was to change them.

So, here I am, five days after the end of the 2-part NLP training:-

– I have an exciting new job
– I have re-calibrated a relationship with positive effect
– I have transformed past trauma into experiences that have made me stronger
– I have dissolved unhealthy patterns
– I am now driving my life rather than submitting to it
– I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me

This training rocked my world. There are no words to explain how powerful it is or how easy it has been for me. Changes have been obvious to everyone around me already and I am just at the beginning! Thank you so much Michelle Zelli, you have transformed my life.

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