Living a new life

Edd Pavitt.

Global IT Executive. North London.

Michelle was recommended to me by a close friend during a low point in my life. I was a complete cynic with regard to the “life coach” experience and approach…….Just goes to show how much I know!
Over a period of approx 4 months Michelle managed to get inside my head, help me focus on the GOOD and the BAD things in my life and together we worked on an approach to address the bad, concentrate on the good and devise a mental and physical toolset that allows me to see life in a different and significantly more positive way. Michelle “got” me almost instantly and tailored her counselling approach accordingly. I won’t say some of our sessions weren’t difficult because they were!!! However if you commit the effort to her, as she does to you it is 100+ % worth it.

I have been Zelli’d and feel so much better for it!

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