Life changing

Stephen Kenneth Allott FBCS CITP

Managing Director.
Bringing me wealth instead of poverty, trust instead of doubt and hope instead of fear, Michelle Zelli has changed my life forever with her outstanding NLP training. She masterminds an amazing journey through my subconscious, painting such a vivid picture I am inspired to feel my way along the road to success. I am gently encouraged, cajoled and guided to explore what makes me tick. I am pushed well outside my comfort zone, dissolving unresourceful belief systems at a breath-taking pace.

Rather than interrupting and ranting, I have learnt to pay attention, to speak concisely and to evidence my beliefs. In two weeks, my relationships and family life have dramatically improved, my sales have increased and money and opportunities seem to flow towards me.

The new Stephen, transformed by the Zelli effect, is a husband, a lover, an author and a brother with a spring in my step that blasts out positive energy to the Universe. I am a father and a son, with time for some fun. At last, the Yorkshire man finds the courage to show his class. I shall be a successful author. I know I’m worth it!

Sincerely, with gratitude.

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