I now LIVE my life rather than EXIST!

Henrietta MacEwen.

Founder, Miss Jones.

There should be a new entry into the English Dictionary – ‘Zelli Dust’ – ‘Dust that is sprinkled by an amazing woman who can help you on your journey to finding the real you. To see and feel the ‘Zelli Dust’ you have to put the work in. When you do it nothing short of magic your life will change in front of your very eyes’.

I was apprehensive about attending the Program. I was beginning to piece my life together again after having a pretty rough ride since October of last year. My friends had been on Michelle’s NLP course and I watched them transform their lives and businesses so I bit the bullet!

Every day I was on the course I felt myself sit up straighter, feel more confident, have break throughs both professionally and personally and more than anything totally change my outlook on life. I have started to LIVE my life and no longer EXIST. I seriously would have spent my life existing and not ‘living’ if it had not been for Michelle Zelli. Michelle really can and does change your life.

NLP is a real transformation tool and it can open your eyes to your life and what you need or want to change. Don’t be apprehensive or nervous about taking the first step towards your new life. When you have Michelle holding your hand and coaching you in NLP you will be running towards a new life, never looking back.

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