I didn’t think I could find love

Ms B.


When I first came to see Michelle I believed I could never fall in love. I didn’t trust my instincts, I was repeating patterns of behaviour that I knew were holding me back, I had emotional barriers which made it very difficult to move forward in relationships.

Michelle has helped me beyond belief. I now find myself being much more open and being able to speak my truth. I have leant to trust myself and the choices I make. I have spent so much of my life worrying how my actions will affect other people, to the point where the only person being hurt was me. I wouldn’t say things that needed to be said in the fear of hurting someones feelings. I have learnt that it is far worse to bottle things up, nothing gets resolved this way. I am now far more open and honest and talk about things that I would once have avoided . I know I still have work to do, but I am incredibly happy with my life, and to top it all off I have fallen very much in love, which a year ago I didn’t believe possible. Michelle has been such an inspiration and a comfort to me and helped me immeasurably. I know she would be able to help with any difficulty in anyone’s life, no matter what it might be. Thank you so much for everything Michelle, you are an Angel.

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