Given a second chance

Henrietta MacEwen

Founder Miss Jones.

Several people recommend Michelle to me and I was initially apprehensive about seeing her. I was scared to face up to what I knew was going on in my life and the rut I was in.

After one session with Michelle I saw my life changing in front of my eyes. I was shocked but not surprised as Michelle said it would happen that way. I now have the tools to use and the knowledge to realise when I am falling into old patterns.

Michelle has made me see my personality and who I really am and no one has ever been able to do that. I am more confident, mentally stronger and happier in my day to day life now. Every day is a magical carpet ride. There is no going back to the old ways for me…..

I simply cannot recommend Michelle highly enough to everyone. She is the best. Thank you Michelle for helping me start my life again it is not often you are given a second chance.

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