Fog has lifted

Dr Paul Beadle


Following the breakdown of my marriage and redundancy from my job I was completely and utterly lost in life – it felt like I was simply existing in a fog. However, I certainly didn’t need any help; I am strong and self-aware and I can work through these issues myself – I didn’t need ‘therapy’. Michelle was recommended to me by a friend and having nothing to lose I walked through her front door already convinced I had little to learn. I was wrong.
We cut to the chase immediately, no bluster, no pretence, just a very focused and intense session on my highest values – the very building blocks of my life. It became clear in that very first session why certain things in my life were working but why much of it was not. The fog was lifting, I could start to see a way forward, a more focused future, a better understanding of what I wanted and needed. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an instant fix, Michelle doesn’t do the work for you but when you set off in the right direction you know you’re going to have an amazing journey.
Motivated to achieve my new goals? You bet !! I’m running the 2012 London Marathon, my first one at 41 years old!

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