Feeling in control

Kris Verlé.

West London.

Having been sprinkled with the Zelli dust some time ago, I wanted to go on the NLP training because I’m very interested in coaching as well. Michelle somehow managed to put a great group together of three wonderful (I’ll include myself) and like-minded, yet very different individuals. They have been absolutely amazing in sharing their stories and experiences, as well as supporting and challenging me in equal measure throughout the training.

I was actually sad when the training ended, although the beauty is that it never really ends. I am so much more conscious and aware of the impact my actions, words and thoughts on others and in particular on myself. It’s amazing how feeling in control makes you feel, with so much more courage and optimism for my future. My life is transforming, opportunities are coming my way and patterns of behaviour which were no longer serving me have been broken.

That’s why it never really ends. Once you get a taste of being in the driving seat, you won’t let go of the steering well ever again I promise!

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