Emotional Detox Intensive is the ultimate block busting transformational therapy.

You may have patterns of destructive and negative behaviour. Maybe you attract the wrong relationships or sabotage the good things that come into your life.

Despite the material trappings of success you feel an irrational sense of personal failure or a gnawing anxiety, you just sense that something is wrong or missing. Often there’s a sense of shame and worthlessness at your core that you just can’t explain.

These are symptoms of a Toxic Wound.

Toxic Wounds are a legacy from childhood. Often a past that we have normalised but nonetheless felt misunderstood, ignored, bullied or ridiculed. Sometimes it’s due to parenting styles or insufficient emotional bonding that’s still playing out in everyday life. Often the cause is much less obvious.

Hiding below the surface, The Toxic Wound leaves you feeling flawed.

It can magnetically draw you towards negative behaviours you feel powerless to change. Wounding can cause you to feel unlovable, create a desire to isolate and a deep feeling of pain and failure. Despite appearing mainly functional to the world!

When you want more from yourself but don’t know how to find it.


Emotional Detox is a profound 4-session (or 2 day immersion) process that identifies and heals deep wounding. Read what others say about this incredible way to relieve the unbearable numbness and/or pain.

Combining the process used at The Meadows, Arizona, one of the world’s most successful transformation clinics with Michelle’s unique Psychodynamic Coaching Program has already revolutionised hundreds of people’s lives.

EDI delivers the fastest and deepest level change and comes with a money back guarantee. No results, no fee.

Michelle offers packages to suit your unique needs, from individual sessions to 3-people workshops, by invitation only, ensuring it is the perfect environment for you to heal and thrive.

Read here for a first hand experience of EDI as written by Rachel Staggs.