Embracing life in Technicolor and with the Volume turned up high!

Sarah Thomas.

Marketing & Communications Director, London

When Michelle invited me to participate in a NLP course I wasn’t sure what to expect. She forwarded me testimonials from previous participants and they all mentioned “magic” and “alchemy”. I come from a scientific background and so I attended the first session with an open mind, a willingness to learn AND with a healthy dose of scepticism. I wanted to see this magic happen with my own eyes…and I did.

It’s so hard to describe what happened in a concise and meaningful way but over the four days of the course I really reshaped my thinking and got a level of awareness of what I could be – the best version of me – if I just dared.

It was emotional and exhilarating and Michelle was there every step of the way to guide, challenge and support me in both identifying my goals and the changes I needed to make.

I have come out of the NLP feeling calm and focused and committed to living the rest of my life “in full techni-colour and with the volume turned up high”. No more ‘just existing’ for me, now that I have been sprinkled with “Zelli dust”. I intend to sparkle!

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