Doubled profit

Jake Willis

Managing Director, London Living Homes.

If you are a business owner I would definitely recommend seeing Michelle. I have now have three colleagues see her on my recommendation, I also send my manager to her once a month and my staff attend workshops from time to time to keep themselves sharp. You may feel like I did, a bit hesitant about this sort of thing however give it a try and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

it is no coincidence that in the 3 months of working with Michelle this has been the most profitable quarter my business has ever had.

I met Michelle after being recommended to her by a friend who sung her praises. Admittedly I was a bit sceptical about the need for a business coach, it seemed to me it was something for people who were really floundering in their business and I felt like things were going ok. My first session was a revelation and if I am honest a sobering experience. To have someone dissect my business was not something I was used to but everything she said made sense. I had fallen into a rut and though sales were good they could have been better. I had always felt that things were going well with my staff however when Michelle pulled up the carpet to see what was underneath, it was glaringly obvious that I was making some fundamental mistakes in the way I managed my employees.

In my first month I doubled our profit, literally. I would love to say Michelle clicked her fingers and it happened overnight however it wasn’t the case. I had to make some very tough decisions regarding not only my staff but myself and what I was doing within the company.

Michelle made it clear what I needed to do to get things back on track and since that first meeting with her I have not looked back. I have been seeing Michelle for 3 months now and I think it is no coincidence that this has been the most profitable quarter we have ever had. From my point of view it is important that anyone who gives me advice on how to succeed is a success themselves and hasn’t just done a course on being a “coach”, Michelle is definitely the former.

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