Miss O.

West London.

Prior to meeting Michelle I had been on antidepressants for 10 years and tried lots of different CBT therapy’s. In the last 5 years my depression had been occurring far more frequently and I was feeling really stuck as to what I could do. Michelle has been a massive life line for me and from my experience I believe that anyone with any anxiety or depression could REALLY benefit from Michelle.

The biggest ‘light bulb’ is that I actually can control my thought patterns which cause depression!!! And that there are simple exercises and practices to help me do this. I am not saying this happens over night, I personally have a long way to go. But REALLY this has been such a BREAKTHROUGH and has given me the BEST understanding of depression and how it manifests. No GP, Psychologist, Psychotherapist or Psychiatrist (and I have seen a few) has provided me with anything touching on this. Michelle provides practical advice and is there to help you through the hard stuff. My advice if you have any anxiety or depression issues – GO TO MICHELLE – GET ZELLIED! You owe it to yourself 🙂

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