• Change in confidence, business, relationship … mind blowing!

    With my hand on my heart, I have not recommended a single person to Michelle that I have not seen life changing results from.

    Bridget Hunt, Founder Six Pack Chick & Gelateria Danieli

  • I’m now the best ‘me’ I can be

    michelle zelli testimonial for pm houstonMichelle came into my life when I was feeling a little disconnected. There was nothing I could put my finger on- I have a wonderful husband and two amazing kids but I didn’t feel as joyous about life as I felt I should.

    Working with Michelle was great- she helped me reconnect and be the best “me” I ...

  • EDI changed my life

    Julia Cameron

    The EDI Course was undeniably one of the most transformational things I’ve ever done.

    Julia Cameron

  • Michelle has unique understanding

    Within the first minute on the phone, Michelle completely understood and encapsulated my needs. Totally recommended!

    Poppy Sprague, Psychologist, London

  • The best decision of my life

    agnes london michelle zelli testimonialI had read Michelle’s testimonials countless times before I made a decision to see her.

    Now I am writing one and I know it was the best decision I have ever made.

    I saw Michelle because I reached a point in my life where I was stuck both professionally and personally. I had a job that I didn’t enjoy and ...

  • Everything in my life has shifted

    sean testimmonial michelle zelliWhen I read Michelle’s testimonials, before my Emotional Detox Intensive, I did not expect to fully understand the gratitude and praise expressed…I do now!

    Emotional Detox Intensive has shifted everything in my life in an upward direction. I had thought, having been through a couple of years of therapy and having stuck at self-help stuff, I had ...

  • EDI benefits every aspect of my life

    michelle zelli testimonial lorenzoYou can’t even imagine how many things you’re going to find out about yourself during EDI.

    Before seeing Michelle, I was looking for a change, for an opportunity to be a game changer in my life but during the EDI I realized how troubles coming from my past were keeping me stuck and I learned how to deal with all ...

  • I can’t thank Michelle enough

    michelle testimonial breaking through barriersI have been familiar with Michelle and this work for many years and was originally sceptical about the benefit of EDI, feeling as though I knew a lot of the tools but wasn’t great at knuckling down and applying them to my own behaviours.

    In the week running up to EDI I was at my very worse, just the ...

  • Michelle’s intuition and ability blew me away
    testimonial for michelle zelli from claire

    I had been desperate for change for a long time, nothing in my life seemed to be moving on as I had once hoped and I felt uninspired in every way.

    In my search for a change I had tried lots of other things to reboot my life such as meditation, new diets, visiting a counsellor and trying ...

  • More than anything I wanted to change …

    joanna testimonial for michelle zelliDeciding to do the EDI workshop was a big deal for me. I felt hopeful even quite excited, but apprehensive as well. More than anything I wanted to change..
    Gradually things started to happen, often by ‘chance’, and suddenly there was a new path to go down. I am going on a course to train as a ...

  • Best decision of my life

    live lifeI can honestly say deciding to see Michelle has been

    one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

    I will try to describe what my life was like before seeing Michelle but the 6 session transformation is so incredible it may be a little hard, which in itself is miraculous as I used to have no problems focusing on ...

  • Michelle is my mini miracle

    Michelle has an intuition that is so spot on and unparalleled by any other life coach, therapist or psychologist I’ve ever met.

    Michelle Elman

  • Looking back at over 2015 it was the best decision I made!

    decisionI didn’t know what to expect from the EDI, but I started working with Michelle this year, she has guided me through some really tough times and we both came out smiling!

    So when she suggested EDI my only hesitation was around the cost, but after weighing it up I decided to go for it and looking back at over 2015 it was the best decision ...

  • … You are miracle workers!

    Michelle Elman-smallWhen I signed up for EDI, I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was that I needed a massive shift in my life and I needed to do something about it soon.

    I had had 2 sessions with Michelle and already seen how she had a level of insight which is not only rare to come by, but delivered ...

  • We meet the people we are ready for

    I found just that person in Michelle.

    3 minutes into an initial 15 minute phone consultation, she got me in one clear shot.

    I was moved to tears. No further evidence required.

  • I’m so glad I trusted Michelle!

    goals play
    I can really honestly say this is the most impactful thing I have ever done in my life… I’m so glad I trusted Michelle!

    Hugh Williams Preece

  • Michelle is my secret weapon

    goals play
    I went on a four week transformational EDI course with Michelle, which helped me focus on my values and what I wanted to do.

    Sam Jones

  • 100% worth it!

    joanna testimonial for michelle zelliI first visited Michelle when I was in a dark place.

    I had started to lose a sense of hope and connection to the present.

    Having endured a few traumatic events in my life the most recent ones had been the final blow that had knocked me to the core.

    After one session Michelle advised the EDI. I had to ...

  • Life changing… In countless ways

    nik huggins freelance entertainment copywriterWorking with Michelle has been a transformational experience, both personally and professionally.

    Her warmth, expertise and dynamic approach helped me identify many of the emotional barriers that had been putting the brakes on my career development, helping me manage them to the point where they are no longer restrictive.

    With Michelle’s help and support, I have gained a vast ...

  • Every session leaves me inspired and focused

    focus play
    Michelle is inspirational, courageous and every time I come out of a session I feel 100% more positive, energised and focused.

    Gordon Miller

  • Life is now fun, positive and joyful

    radhika khimiji testimonial michelle zelliI loved the EDI with Michelle and Chris.

    I had been resisting it for months, thinking- “how could a two day work shop change things?”

    I had always believed that development and unlearning past issues takes time, but I was mistaken.

    The intensity of the two day EDI was exactly what I needed to see clearly who I was and ...

  • Everything is an opportunity to grow

    eve testimonial for michelle zelliThe two days of EDI made me realise that everything I’ve denied thus far, everything I’ve been trying to suppress in order to protect myself, does not serve the new me anymore.

    I can release it now.

    Michelle and Chris gave me the tools to do this independently.

    The 14 day follow-up allowed me to recognise the basic emotions underlying ...

  • I’m on the up!

    Sean testimonial michelle zelliWhen I first spoke to Michelle on the phone I was at the beginning of my divorce and not in a good place. Within 60 seconds I immediately took to her incisiveness, compassion and charm, and booked my first session.

    Michelle gets to the true root cause of whatever you’re working on, really quickly.

    The sessions are tough but you ...

  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to

    I now feel free and light and know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

    Katrina Collier.

  • My world has expanded tenfold

    testimonial michelle zelli siteTo whom it may concern,

    You are probably reading this because you have been invited by Michelle to take part in an EDI course and you aren’t sure what it’s all about. I’m not going to spoil the Magic by telling you too much but just that if Michelle thinks you should do it, you owe it to yourself ...

  • I’ve achieved every one of the goals I’ve set with Michelle!

    goals play
    Michelle has encouraged and supported me in the setting of audacious goals. She is very professional, very discreet and incredibly intuitive.

    Dominic Hennesey

  • I am destined for great things

    michelle zelli testimonial rach m3 weeks ago I was crying – I couldn’t stop crying.

    It was a long mournful and fearful goodbye to the old me who lived life in the grey – the sad, lonely, fearful shade of living.

    3 Weeks later, after EDI, I feel one zillion times better, more centred, happier and calmer. I know I am destined for ...

  • Self confident and trusting myself

    testimonial for michelle zelliI will never forget how I felt as I walked into the room to start my EDI journey. It was like being a little boy on his first day of school, a scared little person, alone and lost.

    It was only after I did the workshop I realised this is how I felt in most situations.

    Michelle and Chris compliment ...

  • Standing tall and moving forward

    lucy banks michelle zelli testimonialThe door to my childhood was closed for many reasons I’d chosen to “normalise”. I had an awareness of the girl and the memories behind it but I couldn’t reach her or step into what had gone before.

    For all of those nebulous senses you know are significant but slip away as you try to grasp them. For ...

  • Every session results in a breakthrough

    Michelle is an amazing coach who gets me as an individual, as a coach and as a business person.

    Jean-Pierre De Villiers

  • I am ready now…

    bridget hunt testimonial for michelle zelliFor years the Universe has been sending me subtle nudges that something needed to change, little snippets of information that my shut down state had chosen to ignore.

    Often it came in the form of physical problems – a broken foot, a kidney infection or simply a bad cold.

    At other times it came in the form of ...

  • True change at a deep level

    handsWhen I picked up the phone to Michelle knowing I finally needed to shift some debris and heal deep pain; Michelle gently said “your wounds have been calling to be healed for a while, come on EDI in 3 weeks”. I felt an instant relief in just hearing Michelle’s voice and putting my trust in her to take me on ...

  • Cathartic and empowering

    order chaosLike a veritable doubting Thomas I was skeptical of the benefits of EDI. I really didn’t know what to expect and, if truth be told, I was a scared and wary of what it might involve.

    Would I ‘show myself up’, ‘not really get it’ or like a bad student ‘fail to engage properly’?

    All that doubt and anxiety was swept aside ...

  • After 90 minutes, in my very first session, my life changed forever

    focus play
    Michelle is one of the most significant people I’ve encountered in my life.

    Oliver Dudley

  • A spring cleaning of the soul

    see-clearly-nowMy sister described the Emotional Detox Intensive process to me “like somebody fixing your broken glasses so that you can see clearly”.

    After her Emotional Detox Intensive she seemed to be calmer, more together and focused on what she wanted and how to get it!!

    All of her new found awareness made me feel a little unsettled and so I decided to see ...

  • The best, safest and compassionate combination

    lifeThere are coaches and there are coaches. Michelle has the unique combination of skills, experience and the ability to sense and feel what her client is experiencing and to then to remarkably quickly and effectively resolve those deep, hidden and painful issues and blocks that are holding us back.

    I think that most of us live less with these blocks and as ...

  • Michelle’s compassion allowed me to be free

    leap-of-faithI was so anxious before Emotional Detox Intensive that I had to leave the room within five minutes. My heart was racing, I was shaking and my breathing was shallow. I felt completely out of control. Five minutes later and the tears flowed as Chris gently allowed me to release 30 plus years of repressed emotion.

    The funny thing is that on ...

  • An amazing inner journey

    self-love“Michelle I am numb; I don’t feel anything. Not good…nor bad. I used to have enthusiasm…” was one of my opening sentences when I met Michelle. Well, it is fair to say that the Emotional Detox Intensive process has partly re-opened my emotional-tap.

    In a gentle, warm and loving way, Michelle and Chris will guide you through an amazing inner journey, which ...

  • I can’t imagine life pre Emotional Detox Intensive

    live lifeEmotional Detox Intensive program is unlike any course i have ever been on………its a training course and emotional detox for your life!

    I consider myself to be an open minded person but when my husband asked me to try it my initial thought was ……. ‘Me? I don’t need coaching!’  Now I can’t imagine life pre Emotional Detox Intensive.

    I thought I ...

  • Uncovering the limitless potential

    Orlando-Rollercoas_1563568cThe Emotional Detox Intensive is purely and simply transformative work. Michelle and Chris have carefully crafted the programme to heal you in a profound and durable way, uncovering the limitless potential of your being in the process.

    If you are ready to escape form the old you – the one holding you back from who you want and deserve to be – ...

  • Long lasting change

    Hand holding seedlingThe process of Emotional Detox Intensive is a revolutionary approach to de-construct old negative and dis-functional patterns that we build through the years. It is very intense yet the results can be astonishing.

    The course is held in the most professional yet warm and safe environment, where the participants can feel at ease in showing their vulnerabilities.

    Emotional Detox Intensive focuses ...

  • Two sessions with Michelle and the results have been extraordinary

    focus play
    In 2 sessions, I have achieved my weight loss goals, have absolute peace around food, the inner dialogue has been hushed.

    Audrey Chapman

  • My life has changed for the better

    anton mostert michelle zelli testimonialMichelle has completely changed my life for the better.

    She has a great talent to help you realise and understand the core issue of a situation or problem you are facing.

    She has guided and given me the tools and techniques to raise my self awareness.

    This in turn has helped me to stop a endless cycle of over analysing/catastrophising ...

  • I’m feeling empowered and making changes across the board

    goals play
    It’s been an amazing journey. I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend Michelle.

    Anna Delaney

  • Four Session EDI Program Life Change

    michelle zelli tesimonial from jasmine londonI didn’t know what to expect before my first meeting with Michelle.

    When I met Michelle for the first time, was lovely to meet a caring warm-hearted lady and we clicked instantaneously.

    There were a few issues I had to deal with and before attending I had roughly anticipated the outcome in my mind of what the causes ...

  • Inspired, energetic and ready to move forward

    Alina1I can’t describe how much improvement I’ve made during the time I’ve been seeing Michelle.

    After the very first session I left inspired, energetic, ready to move forward and having a clear vision where I’m heading.

    These coaching sessions work is because Michelle gives specific tools and techniques to deal with a problem. Its surprising how some issues were sitting in me for ...

  • A lost man found

    27579775_sIf I picture my life like the sea and my bad days like a storm, I feel my work with Michelle has been like a lighthouse guiding me to happiness and self fulfilment.

    Thank you for all your help, it has truly made a lost man found.


  • Emotional Detox Intensive has transformed my life

    success story Michelle ZelliThere are coaches and there are coaches.

    Michelle has the unique combination of skills, experience and the ability to sense and feel what her client is experiencing and to then to remarkably quickly and effectively resolve those deep, hidden and painful issues and blocks that are holding us back.

    I think that most of us live less with these blocks ...

  • The world is now a great place and I am happy to be here!

    michelle zelli testimonial photographI went to see Michelle on recommendation.

    To be honest I knew deep down something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t tell you what it was.

    From the start I was sceptical and throughout I fought her efforts, but went with it as much as could manage and trusted her.

    It wasn’t easy: it was painful and unpleasant, and I didn’t want ...

  • Everything in my life feels possible

    bridget huntSix years ago on a chilly winters evening I was leaving work and off for a drink with my dear friend Ollie when we bumped into one of his friends.

    “Bridget, this is Michelle Zelli. Life coach and life and soul of every party”. He said.

    I had heard of Michelle. Like many credible coaches, her reputation preceded her and I was ...