Cured of M.E.

Mrs M.

I came to see Michelle 3 years after being diagnosed with M.E. I had been told numerous times by specialists that there was no cure and to accept that this was now my new life.

I was recommended to see Michelle who was solid and practical with great vision of how to cut through the crap. She is also very holistic and spiritual which is very important to me. So when I heard that she also dealt with illnesses and had great success treating patients with M.E. I immediately went to see her.

Michelle has been amazing. She explained that I had fallen out of love with my body and that I couldn’t trust it anymore, which was so true. She gave me techniques to use to help me mentally control my health and trust my body again.

Where once the onset of winter would fill me with dread, I now see that, that in itself, was a trigger. I no longer focus on what I can’t do and beat myself up about it. In fact, I’ve learnt to enjoy a ‘slow day’ and I read a book rather than stew about how lazy this makes me feel. I’m so much more positive and this most definitely helps. I’ve had a couple of crashes in the time that I’ve been seeing Michelle, one quite bad. And I actually enjoyed them because I was able to use the tools that Michelle had taught me and watch them work and I bounced back so so much quicker than I have ever before. Such simple techniques that work like a magic wand. Or ‘The Zelli dust’ as i refer to it.

The added bonus of this journey, is that I have not only regained my health, I have now acquired a much more positive, happy outlook on life that I would never have sought out if I hadn’t had M.E.

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