Creating my dream life

Emily Buckland

Director, Public Relations, London.
Some people glide through life,making it look easy. Everything just falls into place perfectly, right?

Only when I started coaching with Michelle, I realised this this wasn’t necessarily down to luck and circumstance. I too could dream up the life I wanted and make it happen, and without moving to another country or taking extreme measures. The NLP programme with Michelle Zelli, without a doubt, has rocked my world.

BM (before Michelle), I felt so ungrateful to admit that I wasn’t fulfilled and that to me my ‘on paper perfect’ life felt like groundhog day. Weeks went by when I felt like I was on autopilot and I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the world.

After the first coaching session with Michelle, I walked away with my head spinning. I couldn’t quite believe how she’d got to the core of me so quickly. I discovered that actually I was my own worst enemy – I’d become self limiting. She helped me begin to identify want I wanted and appreciate what I valued.

I jumped at the chance to take the NLP course. Firm but fair (and sometimes scary in a good way), Michelle’s pretty inspiring and her teaching style engaging. My classmates were wonderful (I’m still in contact with them) and as we had different challenges, views and the support was invaluable. The content was exhilarating, interesting and forces you to think and you learn so much! Be warned, I had to face some pretty uncomfortable self-truths and be honest with myself for the first time in years. Michelle was there every step of the way, and together we crafted a way to turn my plan to reality, simply. Finally I feel like the clouds around the mountain peak I’d been circling for years had lifted to reveal another hidden summit and I have purpose again. I saw an immediate impact on my behaviour, how I handled tricky people in my private and personal life and most critically exciting things are happening left, right and centre. Don’t hesitate sign up today and see what’s possible for you.

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