If you’re a busy person with demands on your time, Michelle’s Concierge service is for you.

Whilst enjoying the benefits of life changing one-to-one sessions, you’ll get exclusive access to Michelle between sessions to keep you on track.

Concierge clients benefit from extensive access which fits around their needs and diary.

Taking coaching to another level

No one understands more than Michelle that your schedule is crazy and your demands are high.

Options and flexibility mean meetings can take place in Harley Street, a private West End Members Club, Richmond upon Thames or a place that suits you. And if you need Skype, telephone or text support from Michelle at any time, it can easily be arranged.

Michelle will stay in touch during the time you work together, to drive you forward and keep an eye on the patterns and habits which may threaten to keep you from your goals.

Using a powerful and unique set of tools at her disposal you’ll get the help and support you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Contact Michelle now to find out more.