Complete freedom

Juliette Cook

Entrepreneur, Surrey
After years of workaholic emotional detachment I had finally reached breaking point. Thankfully the strong arms of Michelle were there to guide me back to my true self and wow what a ride!

I went from years of trudging and making excuses for accepting so much mediocrity (for want of a positive way of saying crap!) to just not even recognising the ‘old me’ now!
In a matter of a few short months my life is completely different in EVERY way possible. If, like the old me, you are thinking “Yeah but…..” here are just some of the things that have changed in 3 months…
I have a new career in a different industry!
After 5 years of being single I have met a man!
My income has doubled!
My relationships are so much closer, more present and have more depth!
My outlook is positive, fulfilled, happy, relaxed and trusting!

Goodness I could be here all day! In the past I thought my life was “fine” and that was just life. I can now say with complete conviction I was missing so much. It’s completely different now.

After removing my limiting beliefs I feel complete freedom! I’m alive again! Moving forward I know I have all the tools to change anything I choose! This is huge and very empowering, liberating and gives a giant dose of woooosa! Every morning is exciting!

My shoulders feel lighter, my brain is slower more calm, my eyes are brighter and man have I got some Mojo going on!

I’ve never been the flowery type so in short, Michelle is an angel with a whip. With Michelle’s help I worked my socks off and the results have been astounding, I am thankful for them several times a day and I’ve only just begun…..
With enough gratitude to fill Wembley……

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