• What if I told you, you could detox your emotions?

    rachel staggs blog on EDI for michelle zelli2This blog was written by Rachel Staggs, who specialises in bridal hair and make up. She was juggling parenting with running a business and battling with her inner demons when I invited her to explore ... Read more ...

  • Telepathy is Real, Here’s the Groundbreaking Research

    telepathy-672x372To possess the ability to communicate with people without using any medium is a fascinating subject for many. Known as a superpower, telepathy stands right up there with x-ray vision, telekinesis and time freezing, as something people would love to have!

    The great news ... Read more ...

  • Time Outs are hurting your child

    130423_KIDS_TimeOut.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeDaniel J. Siegel, M.D., is clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, the founding co-director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, and executive director of the Mindsight institute.

    Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., is the co-author (with Siegel) of ... Read more ...

  • Our brains: predictably irrational

    ted talk playlist irrational brainsHere’s a great playlist from TED Talks if you want to delve into the workings of your brain.

    You’ll find a talk from Michael Shermer about why people believe weird things.

    You’ll learn about “The optimism bias” from Tali ... Read more ...

  • The silence of Prozac

    Prozac-007In the 1980s, historian of pharmacology Mickey Smith wrote that new blockbuster medicines enter society by a three-step process.

    First, a wild popular embrace, driven by overestimation of the drug’s potential, leads to overuse; next, the sudden discovery of “problems” with the ... Read more ...

  • Emotional Detox

    emotional detoxA few months back I had a lovely breakfast meeting with the wonderful Michelle Zelli.

    I skipped along to meet her thinking we would be chatting about the latest Zadig and Voltaire summer collection, books we had read, places to visit…. ... Read more ...

  • 10 Adult Coloring Books To Help You De-Stress And Self-Express

    Young child using a colouring bookWe’re fairly certain elementary school had all the answers.

    Nap time, snack time, recess, second nap time — how could any third-grader not be completely zenned out? Another major factor in our eternal envy of the single-digit ... Read more ...

  • hot off the press ‘Self Compassion’ Research – Must Read!

    compassion-wordWhat if there were a pill that made you more compassionate and more likely to give spare change to someone less fortunate?

    UC Berkeley scientists have taken a big step in that direction.

    A new study by UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco ... Read more ...

  • Does everything in your life feel possible?

    impossible1One of my clients wrote this humbling blog post about my work.

    I wanted to share it with you.

    I’m so thrilled that I get to do what I love, with people I love working with.

    And witness them flying their dreams as the ... Read more ...

  • Is porn addiction ruining your love life?

    hooked-porn-XSmallSadly this week’s client list included three guys between 19 and 43 unable to have sex.

    WARNING! Excessive use of porn creates neural pathways that damage your connection with the reality of how sex and women really look and feel.

    Porn addiction is ... Read more ...