Having transformed her own life from difficult and dysfunctional childhood to successful executive, she knows the path of change you will travel. She also knows the immense rewards personal growth will offer.

You won’t find superficial textbook theory here. Michelle has deep and broad understanding of self-actualisation and is known for her expertise in guiding you through the pitfalls and moments of deep doubt you may encounter.

Countless clients are testament to The Zelli Process.

She is renowned for her steadfast commitment to her client’s transformations, for her unwillingness to compromise on results, and for making it fun and exhilarating!

Confidante, mentor, guide… Michelle draws on powerful working methods, tried, tested and honed from the masters, and her own personal experience, to deliver sessions that meet your individual needs.

You’ll be in safe hands and be nurtured by a finely tuned, caring soul who promises to help you navigate your life to your finest destination.

Are you ready to take a journey that could transform your life?


All process are rigorously tested as Michelle attends training programs for the client not the teacher. This way she gets to work with a wide range of teachers around the world and openly takes the very best from each. Whichever modalities comprise your session you can rest assured she knows them inside and out! You might be shocked at the speed she gets you down to a tee and knows where to take you.

Her intuition is faultless and you will leave each session feeling different to when you arrived! No two client sessions are the same because Michelle has the tools and expertise to adapt to what you need in the moment whilst achieving outstanding results.

Michelle keeps it fresh, fun, honest and inspiring.

Just this year Michelle has upgraded her knowledge and skill with a wide range of advancements, including:

2015 CPD:

  • Somatic Experiencing, London.
  • 4-Day Intensive with Wyatt Webb, Arizona.
  • 4-Day Tony Robbins Seminar, London.
  • Buddhist Philosophy.
  • Larry Crane’s Release Technique Program.
  • Shamanic Healing of the Heart Wall, Arizona.
  • Holographic Resolution Therapy, Brent Baum, Chicago.

Science & Focus:

  • Quantum Physics. Self Compassion. Inner Peace. Mindfulness. Mind-body Connection. Law of Attraction. Neuroscience. Dissolving Heart Walls. Neurogastroenterology.

Latest, exciting, research offering a new understanding of human behaviour and how to change it!

Key influencers for 2015: Tara Brach, Wyatt Webb, Kristen Neff, Brene Brown, Carolann Gneist, Larry Crane.


  • INLPTA Certified NLP Practitioner / Master / Trainer
  • Love Addiction and Love Avoidance – Pia Mellody Model
  • Trauma and Reparenting – Pia Mellody Model
  • Demartini Method Facilitator – Certified by Dr John F Demartini
  • Hoffman Institute Graduate
  • Dynamic Coaching – Certified by Andy Harrington
  • Timeline Therapy – Certificated by Dr Wyatt Woodsmall PhD
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Gary Craig, Founder.
  • Advanced Theta Practitioner
  • Applied Kinesiology Advanced Certification
  • Evo-K Advanced Practitioner. With La Rue Eppler, Founder.
  • THM (Transformational Healing Method) With Marilyn Gordon, Founder
  • Touch & Interactive Hypnotherapy
  • London University and LCCH – Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • CPD with Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Dr Demartini, Dr Wayne Dwyer, Dr Joe Dispenzia and others

Further Information

  • Telephone and Skype sessions are also available
  • Out of hours and weekend consultations available
  • Free initial telephone consultation
  • Business, Executive & Personal Coaching
  • 15 years experience within Blue Chip & SME
  • Seminars, workshops and training
  • INLPTA membership
  • Over 12 years and 20,000 hours of direct coaching experience