A true transformation

Alastair Birt

Michelle was introduced to me by my flatmate, who was in turn introduced by a good friend a few months previously….
I don’t know the exact figure, but I would hazard a guess that 9 out of 10 of Michelle’s client’s come through referral, which speaks volumes for the quality of her advice and expertise.

She has transformed me. I was going through a tough time, I had lost my business, my wife had left me; I had been kicked out of my family home, I was worried that I would play a lesser role in the upbringing of my two small children; I had lost business and relationship confidence; I had no clear plan to get myself back on my feet financially, and I was harbouring all sorts of negative thoughts.

Michelle within a couple of sessions had me thinking clearly, focused me, helped me turn my negative thinking into positive. Over the next 2 months she built on these foundations, each session working on the next piece of the jigsaw. The result is a new me — stronger, more confident in all areas of my life. My friends have watched from the sidelines, and all have remarked on the transformation. You will know it is working when the strength is coming from inside. Deep inside.
Be kind to yourself, and go see Michelle. I wish you well…Love Alastair.

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