A new approach and identity

Sarah May.

Owner, Sarah May Jewellery, Richmond.

Having just completed the 4 day Transformation Program I feel exactly that, transformed … I have been reprogrammed! In four days I have grown up, opened my eyes, dug deep and started my journey all over again but this time with extraordinary clarity.

My realisation is beautiful…. As it’s the same goal I have always wanted, the same dream and lifestyle ambition and the same person I have always wanted to be. I am extremely grateful for all that I already have….EXCEPT instead of going on a roller-coaster of emotions to get there, Michelle has presented me with the most special gift…I have a new approach and identity. I can finally BE that person, start living the dream and taking action to get to my goals instead of just chasing them.

My new mindset of taking ownership of me and my life and stop waiting until tomorrow!! I’ve kicked myself straight into action. Procrastination is simply in the past, I have left that little girl behind, she was full of excuses and fear!

My most profound breakthrough is understanding that instead of just managing my business and managing my life – I need to take control, I am THE BOSS of my business and THE BOSS of my mind.

I met two wonderful people on the course, we are starting to spread our wings with a real bond from the Zelli Nest. For this I will be forever thankful to Michelle and my group, we were so perfectly matched.

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