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Katie Phillips

CEO Daring & Mighty, Sussex.
I have been ‘Zellied’ – a term used to describe anyone that has completed a Michelle Zelli training course!
The courses are not for the faint-hearted however if you want to make real change in your business or personal life then I couldn’t recommend Michelle more highly.
I worked with her on a personal level some time ago and the shifts I experienced were remarkable. A year later and I am back for more. This time with my business as the focus. Wow, talk about being taken out of my comfort zone! Thing is, as challenging as I have found Michelle’s processes, she has supported me 100%, every step of the way – both during the coaching and ongoing via telephone and email. Some of the shifts I have made are taking a while to bed in so to have her support on wobbly days is priceless. I have grown into the person I always knew I was and I am still growing. What a ride!

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